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Japan's small cucumber king also known as cucumber, melon, melon, cucumber.Cucumber cucumber as cucurbitaceae plants of cucumber fruits, annual vines or climbing herb, stems slender, with longitudinal rib, be short hair, is the han dynasty brought back when zhang qian to the western regions.
Cucumber shallow root system distribution, the regeneration ability is weak.Stems trailing, up to 3 meters long, has a branch.Leaves palmate, large and thin, thin serrate.Flowers usually unisexual, monoecious.Pepo, several cm to 70 cm or more long.Light color from white to dark green.Fruit surface is smooth or with white, black or brown tumor spines.Some fruits have come from the bitter gourd vegetable.Seeds flat, long elliptic, seed light yellow.Cucumber is a thermophilic crops.Seed germination optimum temperature of 25 ~ 30 ℃, grow warm to 18 ~ 32 ℃.Cucumber is strict with soil water conditions.During growth requires an adequate water supply, but the root is not hypoxia, also not resistant to high concentration of soil nutrients.It is advisable to soil pH value to 5.5 ~ 7.2.
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  • Vegetable Cucumber on sale
  • Vegetable Cucumber on sale
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